Vimy Monument Statues

The Canadian War Museum has custody of 17 of the 20 plaster figures that were created by the sculptor Walter Seymour Allward for his creation of the Vimy Memorial located at Vimy Ridge in France. These plaster figures were created between 1925 and 1930. Professional stone carvers worked from the design of these plaster casts to create the final statues on the Vimy Memorial.

In 1937 the plaster figures were packed in crates and shipped to Canada, where they were stored by the Department of Public Works as part of the Canadian War Museum artifact collection. The Department of Veteran Affairs had custody of the plaster figures, and on May 3, 1960 informed the museum that “…the Minister of Veterans Affairs had agreed that the models may be destroyed” so long as photographs were taken of them first.

That did not happen, and the 17 plaster figures can be viewed by the public at the Canadian War Museum. The remaining 3 plaster figures are on display in the Military Communications and Electronics Museum at the Canadian Forces Base in Kingston.

I fell in love with these powerful works of art, and during the past three years I have paid numerous visits to the museum to take photos under various lighting conditions. This video is the result of my time and effort.

Odds & Sods … again …

As soon as spring comes, I want to be out and about, with and without my camera. When I have my camera with me I tend to take a lot of photos. But during spring, summer and fall, since I want to be out, I don’t spend a lot of time processing the photos I take. Every once in a while, I do find some quiet time and I catch up and publish the photos that I like.

So, enjoy …

Immoveable Art

This week’s photos are brought to you by the letter “S”, for “Statues & Sculptures”.
(Weekly Photo – Week #19, May 7, 2014)

I like taking photos of statues for several reasons, such as …

  • They stand still when you take their photo,
  • They are usually significant as either a work of art or a time in history,
  • And … well, they are just neat!

So here is a wee gallery of some of my favourite statues, some local and others distance, some from my past and some recent … enjoy.

Beauty in Motion … and Sometimes Standing Still

This week’s photos are brought to you by the letter “H” for “horse”.
(Weekly Photo – Week #08, February 19, 2014)

I have a confession to make – I have been terrified of horses since I was in my early teens.

At that time, I was involved in quite a bad accident while riding a horse. Now the accident probably had more to do with the fact that I had no experience or training in horseback riding, but nonetheless, the accident left a mental scar – as much as I thought horses were magnificent animals, I would not go near them. In August 2012, I came across a photo of me riding a horse when I was in my late teens. I had totally forgotten about this (no, it wasn’t a mental block, just a lousy memory) and it made me wonder if there was yet hope for me to get back on a horse.

So in late 2013 I did! And I am glad I did because now I am falling in love with these wonderful animals. Here are some photos, past and present, of horses in my photo collection.

Also, some inanimate horses …

And this cutie is not a horse but he is so cute I couldn’t resist adding him to this blog …

Picture of the Week 2014 – Round 1-H-DSC_1845_

And last, but certainly not least, meet Fanny. She is the horse I have been learning to ride at TROtt, and she is an absolute sweetie, with a bit of a mischievous streak in her friendly personality.

Picture of the Week 2014 – Round 1-H-_DSC4153_