Mud Lake – National Capital Region

This morning I met up at 7:00 am with some of the members of the Camera Club of Ottawa so that we could explore the Mud Lake area in the morning light and when there are fewer people around. The wild life was a wee bit scarce and apart from the constant territorial disagreements between the Canadian geese, there wasn’t a lot of action. I did manage to get a few photos that I thought were worth keeping.

After a while, I decided to break away from the group and head out on my own to explore the swampy areas of Mud Lake. I’m glad I did – although not a great photo, I managed to capture three woodland ducks (one female and two males) having a ménage à trois in the bushes.

Ménage à Trois

I resisted telling them to get a room. Not often you have a chance to see the wildlife in action.

Montreal Biodôme (Sunday, March 12, 2017)

A few snaps from a trip by Elizabeth and I to the Montreal Biodôme.

Freeman Patterson/André Gallant Photography Course – Last Project

The last project for this course and each of us was given a theme to photograp.Th theme given to me is “Hallelujah”, a word made up of the two ancient Hebrew words “hallal” which means “the exhortation of praise” and “yah”, or “the creator”. I am neither religious nor spiritual, mainly because I do not know what these words mean. But sometimes I cannot help feeling that somewhere out there is a creator, and that she has been responsible for making much of the beauty in our world. So these images are in praise of the beauty surrounding us if we take the time to see, instead of just looking.

New Brunswick – Days 1 & 2

I arrived yesterday, August 8, at the St Martins Country Inn in the town of St Martins, New Brunswick. I will be here for the next week attending a photography course given by Freeman Patterson and André Gallant. I used yesterday afternoon and most of today exploring the area and taking photos. First stop, yesterday, was the beach just on the eastern edge of the town of St Martins. And by coincidence, I arrived there during the low tide. Given that St Martins is on Fundy Bay, there is a huge difference between low and high tide.

And today I explored the Fundy Trail by car and on foot. I parked at one of the parking lots near the entrance, and from there I hiked on one of the trails to Melvin Beach. I was keeping an eye on the clock so that I could arrive just before the end of the low tide. Yesterday at the St Martins beach I was amazed at how quickly the tide came in and I came a wee bit too close to experiencing the Atlantic Ocean around my ankles.

After the hike, I stopped in at the interpretive centre for something to drink, and while relaxing outside I was entertained by these cuties.

More iPhone Photos

I belong to a loosely knit hiking group, and most Tuesdays we meet up in the morning to explore the many hiking trails around Ottawa. This past Tuesday, with the co-operation of the weather, we explored a hiking trail which I did not even knew existed, being situated on a seldom-used back road. During the hike we came across an abandoned log building and we were trying to think what it might have been. Maple syrup shack? Bootleg distillery? Regardless, it was neat!

Tiraislin Fold – Revisited

My first visit to Tiraislin Fold was on May 9, and I fell in love with this place. (You can read about my first visit at I have since learned that “Tiraislin Fold” is a Gaelic phrase for “earth of my dreams”, and it fits! Recently, I had another opportunity to visit Rosemary and her wonderful farm with its menagerie of animals. Here is some of what I saw on my last visit …

For more information on the farm and Rosemary, please check out … Tiraislin Fold and Rosemary’s Art.