Abandoned Farm with an iPhone

I recently visited some friends who live in Eastern Ontario, and whenever I visit, I try to make a point of dropping by an abandoned farm that is close by their home. This time, when I visited the farm, the only camera I had was my iPhone and given that the best camera in the world is the one in your hand, I decided to use it to capture some photos of the farm buildings and surrounding landscape. Adobe makes a version of Photoshop for the iPhone and iPad, and I used that software on my iPhone to edit and “dramatize” the photos on my iPhone.

Here are the results …

Snapshots of Iceland – June 3 to 16, 2014

Recently, I visited Iceland for the first time and I definitely want to go back again. I have never seen such a wonderful place. The people are friendly, the food is excellent and the scenery breath taking. And no mosquitoes! What’s not to love about this island.

I was using my iPhone and my Nikon DSLR cameras for this trip and I am still processing the Nikon images. So here is what I have from my iPhone, displayed in the order that the photos were taken.

Enjoy … and if you have never been to Iceland, please plan to go someday. You wouldn’t be sorry that you did.