Winter’s End & Spring’s Beginnings

Some photos from recent hikes in the Eastern Ontario area …

Trying Out My New Lens

Several years ago, I had this zoom telephoto lens that I enjoyed using – so much so that it became a regular fixture on my camera. And then one day, while I was driving a rented car out in Alberta, someone cut me off and I slammed my left foot on the clutch. Oops, that was the brake! I was not driving my standard and the car came to a very abrupt stop. Unfortunately I neglected to hang the camera strap over the head rest of the passenger seat. End result: one badly damaged zoom telephoto lens!

I tried doing without and after two years I broke down and replaced the lens and started trying it out about a week ago. These photos are some of the results from a few places I have visited in the past week with my camera. Enjoy!

Ribbit, Ribbit, Croak

This past week, my friend Kathy and I visited the live frog exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Nature where we had an opportunity to take photos of these marvelous little (and a few big) creatures. I think everything about frogs is neat, and I especially like the googly eyes and goofy grins on some of their faces.

And please visit Kathy’s blog to see the photos that she took at the museum. You can find her frog photos at Kajepi Photography.