An Abandoned Farm & Some Nature Photos

On July 3rd my friend Sue and I went out for a combination hike and photo shoot of two abandoned farms. I have two good Nikon cameras, so I set one of the cameras on auto-mode with a wide-angle lens and gave that to my friend so she could take photos of things that caught her fancy. The first abandoned farm we visited was overgrown but accessible, so that was our first stop.

Next stop was a quick visit to the Pakenham Five Arches Bridge. Sue had never been there and given that we would drive right past it on the way to the second abandoned farm, why not stop and take a look around.

Five Arches Bridge

And then it was off to the other abandoned farm. I knew we had a walk to get to this farm and what I didn’t know was that the walk was through a large swamp. So, cancel that idea. Instead we took some photos of the swamp, or as we referred to it, the “mosquito hatchery”.

While there we came across this wee creature trying to make itself as inconspicuous as possible. When I came too close it folded its wings up and turned itself into a dead leaf. Fascinating! And would any of the viewers know what kind of butterfly this is? I know nothing about butterflies except that they are fascinating wee creatures and quite beautiful.

Abandoned Buildings In & Near Ottawa

I’ve been collecting the locations of abandoned buildings in and around Ottawa, and during the past four weeks I’ve been locating and photographing some of these places.

These photos are of a building at the corner of Cumberland and Murray Streets in the Market area. I noticed this building several months ago and had to do a double-take. I have a photo of this building taken in 2005, when it was closed up and before the demolition started.

The steeple in the background is what was once St. Bridget’s Church.

And this is one view of the building from 2005 …

Ottawa - Cumberland & Murray (October 15, 2005)  [DSCN2484].jpg

The following photos are of the old City of Ottawa building at the north end of Bayview Road and also an abandoned house and car on Somerset Street West near Kent street.

And last, but not least, some photos taken during a recent biking ride in the Perth and Pakenham areas near Ottawa.


Abandoned Buildings Local to Ottawa

I love to ride my motorcycle on the country roads around the Ottawa area, and quite often I will see an abandoned house, barn or silo. I typically make a mental note of these with a plan to return and take photos of the sites. This past Saturday was a nice day for biking, so I set my goal to wander around the countryside and finally take some of these photos.

Here are my results …

A caveat … I’m not sure if one of the barns was actually abandoned or just old and not used. I tried asking at the nearest house but no one was home. Maybe someday I’ll head back there and see if I can get more information. The hydro wires were still connected to the building, but that doesn’t mean much given that the owner would need to pay the hydro company to remove the wires. It is easier (and less expensive) just to contact the hydro company and have them pull the metre.

Abandoned Barn – Lochiel Township, North Glengarry

Several weeks ago on my way east on highway #417, I noticed what looked like a large abandoned barn just east of the highway #34 exit. Today I took my motorbike and explored the area and found the barn in a field next to a dead-end dirt road. The barn is in bad condition and is losing to the elements. Someone appears to be recovering some of the better wood from the barn. Next to the barn is what looks like a horse stable.

Here are some of the photos that I took while walking around the barn.

Abandoned Farm & Thresher

I had an opportunity recently to re-visit the abandoned farm that I have been photographing over the years. It continues to deteriorate, ever so slowly. Because of its isolation and the fact that few people know about this place, it has never been vandalized. Here are some recent photos of the buildings …

While there I took a chance and carefully negotiated the interior of the barn to take some photos of parts of the abandoned thresher. Many of the floor boards have rotted and there are loose boards with nails sticking out, so walking carefully in the barn is a must.

Wandering Through North Glengarry County

I’m pretty much a city person who likes to visit the country. One of my favourite country areas to visit around Ottawa is North Glengarry Country – there are so many neat things to see here, and lots of country back roads to explore. I have developed some great friends in this area and one couple, who knows how much I love staying at their home, have gone away on vacation and have asked me if I would look after their home. This is like a vacation for me – I get to spend some time in the countryside I love, and I’m close enough to Ottawa to visit there if I need to.

One thing I typically do when I am here is to look around for photos to take, and yesterday I came up with these …

Proof that spring is on the way after our bitterly cold winter …

Later in the day I hunted down a few things that some friends told me about and thought I might be interested in photographing …

This truck has sat in the little town of Glen Robertson for ages.

And my friends know how much I enjoy photographing abandoned buildings, and they told me about an abandoned one-room schoolhouse near Alexandria. I’m glad they told me – you could drive by it and not even know it is there as it is so well hidden by trees and bushes. It is too bad that at sometime in the past that vandals got to this place first. To get close to the building I had to force my way through a mixture of raspberry bushes, grape vines and some type of bush with lots of thorns. Now I know what the prince in the story of Rapunzel felt like.

Stay tuned (hopefully) for more photos of the North Glengarry countryside.