Panama City Beach, Florida (January 26, 2016)

Well, my time here is nearing an end and in a few days I will be back in the snow belt. That’s the bad news … the good news is that I miss my downhill skiing and I am looking forward to that when I return.

Yesterday here at Panama City Beach was for the most part overcast so I took my camera and walked along the beach for several hours, just snapping photos of anything that interested me. One thing that I found really neat was the beach pigeons in that when I stopped, they would start crowding around me, and for a while they followed me along the beach. Maybe beach bums looking for handouts? Not sure, but they were sweet. The way they strutted along the beach, the only thing they were missing were beach umbrellas under their wings.

Odds & Sods …

As usual, I have been walking around with my cameras taking lots of photos, and then never getting around to doing anything with them because I’m too busy taking more photos. I found some catch up time and here are some photos that I have not had an opportunity to publish.

Enjoy …

Plucking & Bowing

One thing I have wanted to do is to take still life photos of musical instruments. I have done a few of these in the past, but have never been completely satisfied with the results. Someone I know, who enjoys collecting and playing string instruments, mentioned to me that he would like to replace the pictures in his office with photos of musical instruments. I suggested that he used his instruments and from that brief conversation a new photography project was born.

He had no specific instructions on how he wants the instruments photographed, so that gave me much leeway to experiment.

One thing I noticed about the instruments was the feeling that some of them “talked” to me, while others were just nice to look at and photograph. Here are the results so far — and I still have others to do in the future.

Panama City Beach, Florida (Jan 1 to 7, 2016)

Some photos walking along parts of the 28 mile long soft, white sandy beach of Panama City Beach, Florida … my current vacation spot … enjoy.