Thorne Lake – Cottage Country

Traditionally, a friend and I would go camping for in an Ontario provincial park during the second week of September. After our last two trips in 2013 and 2014, when we had high winds, lots of rain and cold temperatures, we decided instead this year to rent a cottage on a quiet lake. What a wonderful change! I could get used to this type of living.

Oh yea … this year the days were sunny and warm. But I just knew that had we gone camping, it would have been cold, wet and windy!

Exporail – Awaken Your Inner Child

Exporail (, the largest railway museum in Canada, is located on the south shore of Montreal in the town of Saint-Constant, Quebec. On Saturday, August 1st, my friend Elizabeth and I paid this place a visit, and we were not disappointed – after 5 hours we were still wandering around the complex poking our noses into the various exhibits and going for many rides on a fully operation Montreal streetcar. WOW! Our inner children had a ball there.

Montreal Steetcar

John Molson Steam Engine Reproduction

Other Trains & Exhibits