New Brunswick – Sunday, August 16/2015

The week-long photography course is finished and now I am on my own to explore more of New Brunswick. I travelled from my home of the past week, the St Martin Country Inn, to a B&B in Shediac. I had four specific goals during this day long trip: (1) follow the New Brunswick coast line and visit the harbour at the town of Alma; (2) take in the view from the light house at Cape Enragé; (3) go to Mary’s Point, a UNESCO world heritage site, to see the migratory birds; and (4) visit the Hopewell Rocks.

Cape Enragé: One of my photography comrades from the past week described the beauty of this place and strongly suggested that I visit. So I did, but I didn’t see much because a pea-soup thick fog bank rolled in just before I had arrived.

Mary’s Point: Sorry, no birds. I bumped into a local there while I, and a lot of other photographers, were looking for the birds, and she told me that she and her husband had not seen any birds for several days. It was at the end of the period they typically flock to Mary’s Point.

Hopewell Rocks: I decided to just drive through the town of Hopewell. When I passed through, the tide had come in so all the rock formations were covered in water.

But I did manage to take some photos.

Despite not seeing what I had planned to see, I had a great day and I learned a bit more about New Brunswick.

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