Freeman Patterson/André Gallant Photography Course – Day 1

My first day on the Freeman Patterson and André Gallant course, and I was anxious, as usual. I’m attending this course because I feel I am in a bit of a rut with my photography, and I’m looking for something different to kick-start my mind in some different thought directions. Freeman and André don’t teach photography, but instead focus (no pun intended) on visual design. Today’s focus was on tones, lines and the basic shapes (triangles, circles and rectangles. At the end of the lecture, Freeman took six of us and located us at a spot of his choosing, and had us stand there with our camera on a tripod taking photos for an hour. The objective was to take photos that demonstrated what we had learned in the morning lecture. We were then asked to select 3 photos for evaluation.

Here are the 3 I selected …

Of all the photos I took within the hour, I kept 10, including the 3 above. Here are the remaining 7 …

And then I was permitted to wander around and I finished off the session with these …

2 thoughts on “Freeman Patterson/André Gallant Photography Course – Day 1

  1. hey Cat
    very cool! your style is changing. obviously they are giving you a lot to think about. Hope you are enjoying yourself. cheers, ck

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