Abandoned Buildings Local to Ottawa

I love to ride my motorcycle on the country roads around the Ottawa area, and quite often I will see an abandoned house, barn or silo. I typically make a mental note of these with a plan to return and take photos of the sites. This past Saturday was a nice day for biking, so I set my goal to wander around the countryside and finally take some of these photos.

Here are my results …

A caveat … I’m not sure if one of the barns was actually abandoned or just old and not used. I tried asking at the nearest house but no one was home. Maybe someday I’ll head back there and see if I can get more information. The hydro wires were still connected to the building, but that doesn’t mean much given that the owner would need to pay the hydro company to remove the wires. It is easier (and less expensive) just to contact the hydro company and have them pull the metre.

4 thoughts on “Abandoned Buildings Local to Ottawa

  1. Stunning! Any chance you’d like to share the location? I’m shooting my son for a clothing company, Wheat Canada, and this setting is exactly what I’m looking for! (I have zero desire to damage or enter!)

    Thank you!

    • Hello Amanda … thanks for making but I really don’t feel comfortable giving out the locations of the abandoned buildings to people I do not know well. I’ve been in some buildings and I am amazed at the desecration and vandalism that goes on. I’m not suggesting that you are like that, but I do not know you. Sorry. Hope you find a suitable location for your photo shoot.


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