Wandering Through North Glengarry County

I’m pretty much a city person who likes to visit the country. One of my favourite country areas to visit around Ottawa is North Glengarry Country – there are so many neat things to see here, and lots of country back roads to explore. I have developed some great friends in this area and one couple, who knows how much I love staying at their home, have gone away on vacation and have asked me if I would look after their home. This is like a vacation for me – I get to spend some time in the countryside I love, and I’m close enough to Ottawa to visit there if I need to.

One thing I typically do when I am here is to look around for photos to take, and yesterday I came up with these …

Proof that spring is on the way after our bitterly cold winter …

Later in the day I hunted down a few things that some friends told me about and thought I might be interested in photographing …

This truck has sat in the little town of Glen Robertson for ages.

And my friends know how much I enjoy photographing abandoned buildings, and they told me about an abandoned one-room schoolhouse near Alexandria. I’m glad they told me – you could drive by it and not even know it is there as it is so well hidden by trees and bushes. It is too bad that at sometime in the past that vandals got to this place first. To get close to the building I had to force my way through a mixture of raspberry bushes, grape vines and some type of bush with lots of thorns. Now I know what the prince in the story of Rapunzel felt like.

Stay tuned (hopefully) for more photos of the North Glengarry countryside.

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