Re-visiting Film Photography

I have been quite enamoured by the documentary “Finding Vivian Maier” and although I doubt that my photography will ever be close to equalling her photo-eye, the documentary made me think that perhaps I should dust off my Dad’s Rolleiflex 120 camera and see what I can do with it. My first challenge was finding 120 black & white film. The first two stores I tried in Ottawa did not carry this film, and I took the only six rolls of the third store I visited.

Note to self: Locate a reliable source for 120 black & white 100 ASA film!

Next step was to learn how to use the camera. The camera has sat on the top shelf of a cupboard since my Dad passed away in the year 2000, the same year I sold all my film technology and switched to digital. I managed to find a very old manual on the web, loaded the film and then headed outdoors on a beautiful sunny day to see what I could do. I decided on just one roll as a test, and out of the 12 shots, there were three that I felt were good enough to inspire me to do more.

I was able to find a lab to develop the film and then create high-resolution images of the three that I liked. WOW! Compared to digital, this could get costly! However, it is for a good cause, namely satisfy my curiosity, keep me out of trouble and teach me something new and different.

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