Re-visiting Film Photography

I have been quite enamoured by the documentary “Finding Vivian Maier” and although I doubt that my photography will ever be close to equalling her photo-eye, the documentary made me think that perhaps I should dust off my Dad’s Rolleiflex 120 camera and see what I can do with it. My first challenge was finding 120 black & white film. The first two stores I tried in Ottawa did not carry this film, and I took the only six rolls of the third store I visited.

Note to self: Locate a reliable source for 120 black & white 100 ASA film!

Next step was to learn how to use the camera. The camera has sat on the top shelf of a cupboard since my Dad passed away in the year 2000, the same year I sold all my film technology and switched to digital. I managed to find a very old manual on the web, loaded the film and then headed outdoors on a beautiful sunny day to see what I could do. I decided on just one roll as a test, and out of the 12 shots, there were three that I felt were good enough to inspire me to do more.

I was able to find a lab to develop the film and then create high-resolution images of the three that I liked. WOW! Compared to digital, this could get costly! However, it is for a good cause, namely satisfy my curiosity, keep me out of trouble and teach me something new and different.

Après-ski … A Different Way

I believe “après-ski” implies sitting by the fire and drinking wine with friends after your day of skiing. Well I did a morning of spring skiing yesterday at Calabogie peaks, and as usual I had my camera with me. So instead of guzzling wine in a bar after my ski session, I hopped in the car with my camera and drove around the back roads between Calabogie, Burnstown and Pakenham. (And I even managed to get lost a few times – no GPS signal where I was and it was more fun to get lost than to stop and check the map!)

The clouds were awesome and the air was so clean and the sky so blue. I couldn’t help thinking that it will not be long before the skis go away for the season, and the motorbike comes out of hibernation.

Just Some Recent Photos … Nothing Special

Between the ultimate freezing cold weather and the snow, I’ve either been hunkering down inside, or downhill skiing. But every once in a while I snap a few photos, and I’m finally getting around to editing them. So here are some snaps from January and February.