Black & White Challenge

One of my college instructors recently suggested a challenge for myself and a few others. The challenge was to post five black & white images from our personal photo collection on Facebook – one photo per day, for five days. I have dabbled in black & white digital photography, but have never done anything serious so I accepted the challenge – maybe I might just learn something new. I selected five images, four of which were in colour, and then I studied as much material as I could find to learn more about black & white in Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop. And this is the result …

I was thinking last night that it is ironic that I started my photography hobby way-back-when and I typically always shot in black & white with film, and then processed the images in my darkroom. Apart from colour slides, I went pretty much with black & white – colour film processing and printing was expensive and complex back then compared to black & white. And in 2000 I went digital and I pretty much forgot about black & white. And now, 14 years after I went digital, I am starting to rediscover the beauty of black & white again. All these photos look good in colour, but have (in my humble opinion) more impact in black & white.

What do you think?

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