Ottawa’s First Snow Fall

Well it snowed here in Ottawa during this past week. Not much, just a few centimetres (that’s less than an inch for the Imperial measuring folks). It was enough to make a hike through the local forests pleasant and different from past hikes through bare trees and dry leaves. I headed off to one of the local National Capital Commission hiking trails just west of Ottawa and tramped around for about 90 minutes with my camera. It was a bright sunny day, not too cold, and the trees provide an excellent shelter from the wind gusts.

During my hike I came across this wee critter hanging out in a tree. If it could talk, it would probably be cursing me as one of those annoying paparazzi who wouldn’t leave people, or in this case, an animal, alone.

NCC Hike - First Snow

Black & White Challenge

One of my college instructors recently suggested a challenge for myself and a few others. The challenge was to post five black & white images from our personal photo collection on Facebook – one photo per day, for five days. I have dabbled in black & white digital photography, but have never done anything serious so I accepted the challenge – maybe I might just learn something new. I selected five images, four of which were in colour, and then I studied as much material as I could find to learn more about black & white in Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop. And this is the result …

I was thinking last night that it is ironic that I started my photography hobby way-back-when and I typically always shot in black & white with film, and then processed the images in my darkroom. Apart from colour slides, I went pretty much with black & white – colour film processing and printing was expensive and complex back then compared to black & white. And in 2000 I went digital and I pretty much forgot about black & white. And now, 14 years after I went digital, I am starting to rediscover the beauty of black & white again. All these photos look good in colour, but have (in my humble opinion) more impact in black & white.

What do you think?

More iPhone Photos

I belong to a loosely knit hiking group, and most Tuesdays we meet up in the morning to explore the many hiking trails around Ottawa. This past Tuesday, with the co-operation of the weather, we explored a hiking trail which I did not even knew existed, being situated on a seldom-used back road. During the hike we came across an abandoned log building and we were trying to think what it might have been. Maple syrup shack? Bootleg distillery? Regardless, it was neat!