Tiraislin Fold

On Friday, May 9, I travelled with my friends Kathy and Vaughan to visit the farm of one of their friends. We had planned to spend a few hours there taking photos of some of the animals. Many hours later we were still there taking photos, touring the property and talking with the owner, Rosemary. What started off as a few hours in the country, turned into a delightful day on a farm. I was enthralled with the animals – Tibetan yaks, horses, dogs, cats, sheep, chickens and geese, as well as a goat, donkey and a llama.

But best of all was meeting Rosemary, a farmer and an artist, and most important, an absolutely wonderful and fascinating person. Check out these web pages to read more about the Tiraislin Farm and Rosemary …

Tiraislin Fold and Rosemary’s Art

And here are some of the photos I took that day, starting with the animals …

… and the farm and people …

And a brief stop at what appeared to be an abandoned maple sugar shack …

My sincere thanks to Kathy and Vaughan for sharing this day with me, and thanks to Rosemary for her hospitality.

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