Cold, Hard Water

This week’s photos are brought to you by the letter “I”, for “ice”.
(Weekly Photo – Week #09, February 26, 2014)

Last week a friend asked me what I was going to post on my blog this week and she wondered if it would be “igloos” for the letter “I”. Close guess, but no cigar! This week it is about ice.

For what seemed like a brief moment this past weekend, we came out of the winter deep freeze to experience about 20mm of rain and above freezing temperatures. Then we were once again plunged into the winter deep freeze. So, I believe it is only appropriate that ice would be a great photo topic for this week.

Let us start with a few recent photos taken at the Rideau Falls here in Ottawa. This past Saturday a close friend asked me if we could go for a drive, I asked where, and she asked if we could go see the Rideau Falls. There were two interesting sights to see there:  the frozen waterfalls where the Rideau River flows into the Ottawa River, and ‚ the cutting of the ice on the Rideau River to help manage the water flow, especially after heavy rains and snow melt.

The remainder of these photos were taken at different times and all have an ice theme.

Now for a piece of trivia regarding water and ice. Have you ever wondered why lakes do not freeze solid to the bottom of the lake? It is because water has a unique property in that water is most dense at the temperature of 4° Centigrade. That means that water at the freezing point of 0° will always be above the denser and slightly warmer water sitting at the bottom of the lake.

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