2014 Weekly Photos – Week #02 (January 8, 2014)

This week’s photos is brought to you by the letter “B” for “Bob’s Lake”.

Picture of the Week 2014 – B Round 1-DSC_1052

Several times, with close friends, I have visited Bob’s Lake in Eastern Ontario, where I had an opportunity to just wander around and take photos. Although the lake is quite large, I have explored only a very tiny piece of it, namely the property where I was staying. On both occasions I was able to leave with some photos that I liked.

The second time I visited the lake my friends and I came across a turtle that had fallen into a rather deep dry hole, and it was challenged to escape from the hole. Unsure of the type of turtle we were dealing with, my friend used a shovel to pick the turtle up so we could put it on the ground near the lake.

Bob’s Lake is supposed to be great for fishing, but alas, we did not have any fish supper.

Hoping for a Fresh Fish Supper

Hoping for a Fresh Fish Supper

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